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GMCDR/DVDR series. This idea of this series of home-produced CDRs/DVD-Rs, is to offer previously unavailable or out-of-press Geoff Mann recordings which would otherwise not see the light of day. It is hoped there will be around 6 to 8 releases.

GMCDRs/DVD-Rs ARE NOT FACTORY PRODUCED CD's. All the releases will be on home copied CDRs, with simple, also home produced, artwork.

OFFICIAL CDs. We have a number of official record company released CDs also available. More CDs may be added to this section if I can get hold of them!


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GMDVDR01 - Solo Concert DVD
With footage recently acquired from a fan, this DVD is a single camera shoot from a position at the front of the stage when Geoff supported IQ in Kleve in 1991. The sound was dubbed from audio recorded from the sound desk. Also included is a solo TV appearance on The Frank Bough Show, photo slide show and concert notes. Full menu access and presented in full size DVD case this DVD-R is in PAL format and playable on most home DVD players in Europe.

Running time: 70 minutes

Sample - Love Song
Windows Media Player 1.5MB
Low quality

1. Life's A Lot Easier Without A Dead Gibbon Nailed To Your Head
2. Dayspring
3. More To This
4. This City / Eleanor Rigby
5. His Love
6. After The Storm
7. Down Here
8. Willy Welsh
9. Love Song

TV interview (features segment of Rest Assured)

Photo Slide Show

Concert Notes

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR01 - Recorded Delivery
GEOFF MANN - Recorded Delivery CD

Remastered in the mid-90's from sound desk recordings of each of Geoff's main bands, Twelfth Night, The Bond, "Eh! Geoff Mann Band" and Geoff solo, this album remained unreleased after the demise of SI music. It contains probably the best live stuff available of Geoff's and is linked together with short snippets of Geoff during interviews.

Sample - Fact & Fiction


1. Fact And Fiction
2. Down Here
3. Love Song
4. Trumpet Call
5. His Love
6. Dance
7. Time And Tide
8. This City
9. Eleanor Rigby
10. Willy Welsh
11. Art And Illusion
12. Keep The Aspidistra Flying

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR02 - Various + Interviews

A one-hour tribute radio show, made for fans and radio stations alike, it contains music from Geoff's albums and interviews with family and friends.



plus interviews with:
Andy Labrow
Paul Keeble
Jane Mann
Peter Nicholls

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR03 - Chants Would Be A Fine Thing + Demos

For the first time on CD, the legendary first solo album. Presented as a double CD, the first CD is the original tape album (mostly remastered from the production master) and a second CD containing the two tracks not included on the "In One Era..." CD and 6 songs from an informal front room rehearsal. And for the same price as a single GMCDR!!!

Sample - Easter Bunnies...

Sample - Somewhere Here (demo)

CD1 original album
1. One of the green things
2. Confusion Rains
3. Big Men
4. Somewhere Here
5. Hope Hospital
6. Theospeak
7. I Don't Believe You
8. Easter Bunnies Do The Salford Hustle (pt IX)
9. Hello

CD2 extras/home recordings
1. For More Than A Day
2. Peacemeal
3. Slow One
4. Big Men
5. For More Than a Day
6. Piccadilly Square
7. Somewhere Here
8. Twiddling!

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR04 - Second Chants + Demos

The critically acclaimed follow up to Chants Would Be A Fine Thing. Not available since it's first production run, we have also included 11 minutes of informal rehearsal with Peter Nicholls, who also provides the sleeve notes.

Sample - Even Song (2)

Sample - "Apathetic & Here, I..." (demo)

1. Even Song (1)
2. Shut in the Keep
3. Sight Sea (inst.)
4. Homeless
5. Tomorrow Today
6. Options + Opinions (inst.)
7. Yes
8. Apathetic + Here, I
9. Ooze
10. Where are you bound?
11. Helping Hand
12. Midnight
13. A letter in a hole in a tree
14. Small Hours Walk, Small Hours Talk (inst.)
15. Even Song (2)
Bonus Rehearsal Tracks:
16. Homeless
17. Apathetic + Here, I
18. Yes (1)
19. Yes (2)
20. Yes (3)

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR05 - Solo Live + Demos

A collection of live solo songs recorded at two concerts in the UK and Germany. The CD also includes some four track demos which were the initial ideas for a third Bond album (which never happened).

Sample - Rest Assured

Live Tracks:
1. Life's A Lot Easier Without A Dead Gibbon Glued To Your Forehead
2. Rest Assured
3. Closer To You
4. Dayspring
5. Down Here
6. All Along The Way
7. His Love
8. After The Storm
9. More To This
10. Love Song
11. One Of The Green Things
12. Closer To You
13. And So…(High Ground demo)
14. Monument
15. Snippet 1
16. Snippet 2
17. Snippet 3
18. Snippet 4
19. Snippet 5
20. Snippet 6

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
GMCDR07 - Hit Me With Your Gibbon Stick

This complilation is taken from recordings made over several years at Eh! Geoff Mann Band rehearsals. A recorder was usually set up, and these recordings have circulated amoungst band and crew for several years, eventually being deemed of interest to the fans!

Sample - Eleanor Rigby

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Rest Assured
3. What In The World
4. Signs Of War
5. Obsessed
6. His Love
7. Dayspring
8. Bashan Beef
9. Fact and Fiction
10. Whats In A Name
11. She Runs
12. Catch Me
13. Need Listening To
14. On The Edge
15. Untitled 1
16. Untitled 2

UK - £5.50

Rest of Europe - £6.00

Rest of the world - £6.50
mannerisms - Various Artists  
GEOFF MANN - mannerisms CD
A musical tribute to Geoff Mann. Performed by bands who knew and worked with Geoff throughout his career.
Sob Stories
Pallas What in the World
IQ Apathetic and Here, I...
Galahad The Ceiling Speaks
Marc Catley & Paley's Watch Certainly
Flap Down Here
Eden Burning His Love
Pendragon Human Being
Jadis Never Mind
Twelfth Night Piccadilly Square
Clive Nolan & Alan Reed Love Song

UK - £11.00

Rest of Europe - £12.00

Rest of the world - £13.00
"in one era..." - Geoff Mann - OUT OF STOCK  
The two albums, I May Sing Grace & Psalm Enchanted Evening together on one CD (minus 1 song from each album).
1. Piccadilly Square
2. I Wouldn't Lie To You
3. Kingdom Come
4. Afterwards
5. For God's Sake
6. Green Paper Snow
7. My Soul
8. Slow One
9. Creation
10. Dance
11. Gethsemane
12. Waves
13. Flowers

Peace Offering - The Bond  
THE BOND - Peace Offering CD
This was the second Bond album, and was originally called Print Of Peace. This CD version contains The Pullman Demos, several early unreleased versions of songs from the first Bond album Won by One, and a demo track with original drummer, Andy Mason.
1. Gateway To Heaven
2. Sob Stories
3. High Ground
4. Seriously Siblings
5. Don’t You Wait
6. Stranded
7. Looking For Love
8. Table Talk
Pullman Demos :
9. Too Modern
10. His Love
11. After The Storm
12. Certainly
13. Willy Welsh

UK - £11.00

Rest of Europe - £12.00

Rest of the world - £13.00
A Geoff Mann Band - Loud Symbols - OUT OF STOCK

Geoff was particularly pleased with Loud Symbols as he felt he had really gelled with this band. It was also Geoff's first offering to appear on CD.

Sorry - Out of stock.

1. Obsessed
2. The Kingdom is Coming
3. Seriously Siblings
4. More to This
5. Never Mind
6. Try Again
7. What in the World
8. Worthless Song
9. Signs of War
10. Crying Inside
11. Find Your Feet
12. Dance
"Eh! Geoff Mann Band" - Ministry Of The Interior - OUT OF STOCK
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD

Although recorded by the same band in the same studio with the same producer, Ministry shows a lot more polish in feel and production. Includes the 20 minute piece, The Waking Dawn.

Sorry - Out of stock.

1. Bashan Beef (Babylon Babe)
2. What’s In A Name?
3. Down Here
4. Smile
5. Dayspring
6. The Waking Dawn
7. This Is Your Doing

Twelfth Night - Collectors Item - OUT OF STOCK
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD

Best of the great Twelfth Night (original Food for Thought version)

Sorry - Out of stock.

1. We Are Sane
2. Sequences
3. Art And Illusion
4. First New Day
5. Take A Look
6. Blondon Fair
7. The Collector
8. Love Song
Casino (Clive Nolan & Geoff Mann) - Casino - OUT OF STOCK
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD

I have a limited number of copies of the original CD release on SI Music. These are from the second pressing which is slightly different in that the colour of the money printed on the CD is gold.

Sorry - Out of stock.

1. Prey
2. Crap Game
3. Drunk
4. Crying Onto Baize
5. Stranger
6. Beyond That Door

Marc Catley & Geoff Mann - Fine Difference - Out of Stock
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD CD reissue of Geoff's first colaboration with Marc Catley which was first available on cassette only.

Also includes:

Geoff Mann bonus tracks One Of The Green Things, Theospeak, Somewhere Here and Hello from Chants Would Be A Fine Thing.

Marc Catley Bonus tracks We Are One, Keep On, Weep For The City and Hosea.
1. We Are One
2. One Of The Green Things
3. Keep On
4. The Calling
5. Love Is The Only Way
6. This Time
7. Freedom
8. Closer To You
9. True Riches
10. The War Is Won
11. Growth
12. All Along The Way
13. Weep For The City
14. Theospeak
15. Somewhere Here
16. Hosea
17. Hello
Marc Catley & Geoff Mann - The Off The End Of The Pier Show - Out of Stock
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD

The Second and totally instrumental offering from Marc Catley and Geoff Mann.

"it could almost be early classic Twelfth Night...highly refined progressive music full of variety and superb intuitive musicianship, whether spacey, floating or rhythmic, there's a wealth of great music here" .     Audion.

1. Over The Edge
2. The River
3. The Twittering Machine
4. Terence The Termite Stares Down His Underpants In Growing Amazement
5. In The Wilderness
6. Europe After The Rain
MK II - Burning Daylight - OUT OF STOCK
"EH! GEOFF MANN BAND" - Ministry Of The Interior CD

The Instrumental album from the remaining members of "Eh! Geoff Mann Band" after Geoff's death. This is now an extremely rare album.

Sorry - Out of stock.

1. Expansion 1
2. Cinquante
3. Expansion 2
4. The Cube
5. Black Mountains Theme
6. Distance
7. Equinox
8. A Winter's Tale
9. Roubles
10. Burning Daylight Part I
11. Burning Daylight Part II


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