May 7th 2007 Guestbook. Guestbook removed (for the time being) due to SPAM postings. Sorry.
November 26th 2004 Merchandise. MKII - Burning Daylight now completly SOLD OUT. Sorry.
November 23rd 2004 Merchandise. I am pleased to be able to add the two Marc Catley & Geoff Mann releases on CD in the merchandise section.
November 21st 2004

New Releases. After a long period of inactivity we are please to announce a new batch of archive recordings. We have 3 new CDR's and we are ecstatic to be able to release the first Geoff Mann DVD!!!
GMDVDR01 is the first Geoff Mann DVD we are able to offer in this archive series. Recently we were sent an excellent quality video recording of Geoff playing solo support to IQ at the Stadthalle, Kleve in Germany in 1991. The video was shot from the front of the stage and although it is only a single camera shoot, the quality is exceptional for a home recording. As we had recorded the sound from the sound desk we have been able to dub the audio to the video to make a very nice offering. As we did not have the desk audio for the first song, the audio for this was taken from the video. To add extra atmosphere the audio between song introductions are taken
from the video. I have also added a TV interview where Geoff is interviewed and plays a segment of Rest Assured. There is also some concert notes/credits and a photo slide show of pictures from the weekend with IQ. All this at the same bargain price of the CDRs. There is a brief sample (low quality - windows media player) available on the merchandise page.
GMCDR03 is the long awaited CD release of the seminal album Chants Would Be A Fine Thing. This was the cassette only album which geoff recorded after leaving Twelfth Night. Highly experimental and extremely wobbly this album is highly sort after by hard core fans and fetches up to £40 on eBay. The tracks have been complied and remastered from tracks already used on CD (In Difference), the production master and one track from cassette. There is a second CD (at no extra charge!!!) containing Peacemeal and For More Than A Day, which are the two tracks from I May Sing Grace and Psalm Enchanted Evening which we couldn't fit on the "In One Era..." CD. There is also a very basic home recording of Geoff playing tracks from his first 3 solo albums. These are very basic recordings, hence there being no extra charge for the CDR. Bargain eh! MP3 sample available on the merchandise page.
GMCDR04 is the re-release of Second Chants. Although there was a long gap between the two albums, Geoff recorded Second Chants as a natural follow-up to Chants Would Be A Fine Thing using experimental techniques and unusual sounds. Included on this CD is 10 minutes of home recorded rehearsal with Peter Nicholls (backing vocals). MP3 sample available on the merchandise page.
GMCDR05 is a collection of songs recorded live and a few home demos performed solo. The live songs were recorded at The Marquee in London and The Stadthalle, Kleve, Germany in 1991. Two of the demos were recorded for Marc Catley as reference for what he would be recording for the In Difference album. The final five tracks were part of some 4-track demos which were the first ideas for what would have been the third Bond album, the first of these being a complete song called Monument. The Bond disbanded shortly afterwards and the ideas never used. MP3 sample available on the merchandise page.

November 21st 2004 Stuff!. Interview with Steve Millie of Pullman Studios added .
July 11th 2003 Search. Search facility added to the homepage.
May 24th 2003 Stuff! New interview with Jane Mann and some family photos. A few new links (on the Credits page) to related bands, people who designed CD artwork and a few all round good chaps!
April 28th 2003 Massive update!!! There is now...a biography; full discography (we hope) covering 48 Geoff Mann related recordings and links to almost all the lyrics; 67 images in the ART section; 6 new photo galleries giving a total of 166 photos; Press section with 67 newspaper/fanzine/web site reviews covering most albums and stacks of live performances of the various bands; Merchandise now has the "Eh Geoff Mann Band" albums for sale. Phew! Value for money or what!!!!
Feb 14th 2003 New section...Stuff! A new section to add other reviews and interviews. First piece is an interview with Peter Nicholls of IQ.
  "Flap" photos added. Photos taken at rehearsal in Bolton for the mannerisms track Down Here.
  Guestbook now installed and working. Please leave your comments! Oh! Go on...
Feb 8th 2003 Server problem resolved. Access to the site seems to have speeded up! Normality is restored.
Feb 6th 2003 Server problem. There is a fault on the hosting ISP's server causing longer delays in accessing the web site. They should be sorted out soon.


New Albums added to merchandise. Prints of Peace and "In One Era..." have been added to the merchandise page.
  web site launched. goes "live". At long last an official home for Geoff Mann on the internet.
  WOBCDR01 released. The legendary, but previously unavailable live album is now available in CDR format. See "merchandise" for details.
  WOBCDR02 released. A one-hour radio show is added (exceptionally quickly!) the the CDR series. The show features Geoff's (and bands) music and interviews with family and friends). See "merchandise" for details.
Feb 5th 2003 10th Anniversary of Geoff's death.
  ...and still missed.
January 2003 Fingers are finally pulled out! web site in production after several years delay.
  Despite having several, but I have to say POOR! starts, and having purchased the domain name 2 years ago, web site production has been sadly lacking. A decision is made to launch the site in an unfinished state, which isn't my preferred way, but seems like the only way any real progress will be made.


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