Q Magazine
October 2000

Geoff Mann Ministry For The Interior

** (awarded 2 stars)
Reviewed: October 2000
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Food For Thought

With the possible exception of Stryper, overtly Christian rock doesn't have a happy history. Bless former Twelfth Night frontman the Reverend Geoff Mann for trying to reverse that trend but, even with God's grace and a following wind, he's unlikely to turn the tide of history with this, his second album proper. Sadly, his guitar-led honesty comes across as aurally shallow when presented as a 20-minute grandiose meisterwerk in the guise of The Waking Dawn and is merely monotonous when intended to be a celebration of God's work on This Is Your Doing. Mann's pomp rock penchant is prominent but low-key production means that his majestical ideas lack the resources to rise above the rank and file. Perhaps the most effective track is What's In A Name, a strong, angry, staccato-guitar tirade against the use of the name Jesus Christ as an expletive.
Reviewed by Jeff Clark-Meads

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