"Eh! Geoff Mann Band"
Ministry Of The Interior

Down Here

Life and death are fought out on a screen
Words and pictures jostle there
But are not clearly seen
Selfishness and greed like driven rain
Soak into the pilgrim soul
Prepared to feel pain
Down here…

Samples of the merchandise displayed
The killer’s tools the toys for fools
The thugs love to parade
Expenses in this business world are high
The average plan takes what it can
The rest must do or die
Down here…

Time and time again we’re torn
Between the world we’re longing for
And the one in which we’re born
Oh Lord can’t you magic it alright?
Is there no answer?

“…You say your love stands until the weather breaks
On the other side of the storm
You say it’s mercy that hold judgment back
That love prefers reform
All the promises you make
Are met in the bread we break
It’s a cross-road onto which your shadow falls
Your love’s not cheap at all…

You say we see you in the Servant Kind
In whose sufferings we are healed
You say we need turn around and see
The love we seek revealed
If we’ll lower the shield of lies
If we’ll drop all our disguise
You have shed forgiveness
Life-blood for us all
Your love’s not cheap at all

Desire to share must proclaim what is missed
The promise of Your full embrace
For all who had You kissed
However often this worlds lies are told
The power of Your promises still holds
They make bold
They comfort and empower us
Where garbage sells as gold
Down here…

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