Twelfth Night
Smiling at Grie


welcome, welcome
first today to see the creepshow
come see the exhibits
but do not touch
they cannot bear touch here in the creepshow
please, do not hang back
it's hard enough to show people around the creepshow

first, here on the rack strapped
a child's virgin mind
we see the careful white-coats
affix their machine's veins
to the pulsing neck side
checking dials they monitor reaction
she must love her daddy's banker
she must love her daddy's banker
for her part in the creepshow

Amanda, so sad
Amanda, but let's brush over sadness
give her the pills and diagnose madness

Cyril Has-Or-Might-Have-Been
must fill his lust
they let him bayonet robots
as his morning constitutional
to state his rage
unless he feels his age
we can't have that!

sometimes he'll watch a war film
on the moron machine in the corner of his cell
lost in time, lost in Mind
Cyril writhes like smoke
his bigot's eyes are slashed skin
their expression none the nicer
for being blank

Amanda, still sad
Amanda, still mad

any more for any more!

now it's up to you
use your free will, you decide
yes you, you, you decide
whether or not you will return
for if you come again
you'd better bring your ball and chain
unguided embittered attraction
of the creepshow

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