Name: Andy Labrow.

Band or Geoff Mann connection: Friend, RISK opponent, general helper, merchandise seller, joke butt.

Can you remember your first meeting with Geoff (where and when)? I had booked Pendragon to play The Derby Hall in Bury, where I used to organise "gigs" a live music club. They brought along The Bond as support. I spoke to Geoff after the gig (I think he was after a gig) and he somehow managed to persuade me to see them again and even tried to get me to organise a coach to a Marquee gig. Which of course, I did end up doing....many times. How did he manage that!

First impression? Persuasive!.

Favourite GM related track: Willy Welsh.

Favourite GM related album: Second Chants. I was with Geoff when the evening he got the OK from SI music and he spent the whole evening until 1am (when we should have been playing RISK) getting together the artwork for the booklet (I always thought that was the wrong way round...but what do I know).

Memorable GM gig? When the last incarnation of Twelfth Night supported The Bond and Geoff did Creepshow and Love Song (with Andy Sears) for encores in 1987. Also, the solo support gig with IQ in Kleve, Germany in 1991. And all the Foreign Ministry" gigs by "Eh! Geoff Mann Band" in London, Holland and Germany in 1992. And the so-called Tour Without An Audience. And The Ribdale Club in Preston. And all the Marquee gigs. Actually, I loved 'em all.

What sort of music were you listening to then? Genesis. Status Quo (hmmm). IQ. Blue Aeroplanes. Bruce Cockburn. Norman Barratt. After The Fire. The Alarm.

Did you have any nickname(s)? Labsie.

What was your favourite album of the time? maybe Swagger by The Blue Aeroplanes.

What is your favourite albums now? possibly still Subterranea by IQ.

Current musical status/projects: webmaster and sorting out the GMCDR project.

What were you like at school? Exceptionally average.

What is your most treasured possession? My wife and Children. And my CD collection of course. And my computer.

Pick five words to describe yourself: A bit lazy and a...

What’s in your pockets right now? Nothing at all.

What was the last gig you went to? The Alarm & The Levellers at a festival in Wales, and IQ in Bilston (as you can imagine).

What was the last record you bought? Elv1s.The new one with the remix track!

Any embarrassing on-stage moments? When supporting IQ in Kleve for his first mainland Europe gig, Geoff forgot the words to This City. He shouted for me (why he thought I would remember them in front of 1000 people is still a mystery) and I was stood backstage, so he made me come on stage and (as usual) said something insulting which sounded hugely funny. I pinched his microphone. Actually he was rude to me a lot...

Happiness is? Trying to get down a mountain as fast as possible with two pieces of bendy plastic fixed to your feet.

Anything else you want to mention? It never even mattered if there was an audience at a Geoff Mann gig. It helped, but it never spoiled the event. In fact some of the most memorable gigs didn't have a big audience.


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