Geoff Mann
Second Chants

"Apathetic & Here, I..."

Apathetic and Here, I watch myself glide from the sky,
Losing height and end up as something gone bump in the light
Which doesn’t desire to be dragged from the night:
But change is the heartbeat of life into life
Which trembling approaches the knife.
Redemption is costly there’s blood on the land
And all of us till it, it sticks to our hands
It seems to be bound up in our very glands;
It sucks all out wagon wheels into the slush
And falsifies our every blush.
The heart’s a thermometer, readings are odd
We’re from luke-warmer regions where Cain gives the nod
And we tread upon roads where our fathers have trod
We are maples and hapless and blown by the breeze
And we chatter of being at ease
Dreary me
We chatter of being at ease.

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