Geoff Mann
Second Chants


The town seems different in the snap of this frost
Chin lives in collar
Collar on jacket
Fingers and hands being separate in the search for warm harbour in the pockets
House numbers, house calls, cars on the roadside
The intricate crystals of cold fan the windscreens
And I’m wandering
Wondering whether all your energy spent in your service will ever add up
Optimism is a pre-requisite; on a good day it’s hope, on a bad day not there
Yes, believer believing of course
Yet I’ve been giving answers this morning and well…
It’s the fear that you’re hoaxing yourself that comes
Peek through the curtains where closet coldness lies
Lies on the window curls up like a disdainful lip
Or something of a freezing thorn across my sight
The fence needs fixing, the door’s a bit loose
When I’m cold I tend to ignore the simple jobs
I know, I know as I sip coffee and commitment
That I’m always forgetting the hails.

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