Geoff Mann
Second Chants

Where Are You Bound?

When the forests are burning
The sticks being snapped
The water is oily
The oil’s being tapped
And everyman’s child
Lives where everyman crapped
Tell me truthfully
Where are you bound?

When the cripples are left
At the side of the road
The healthy revive them
Just to increase their load
So the healthy do better
And the cripples be blowed
Tell me truthfully
Where are you bound?

Where rivers are poisonous
Flowing with silt
The guilty sell newspapers
Histories of guilt
The ruins of Babylon
Are still being built
The blood of the innocent
Filmed as it’s spilt
Those engaged upon truth
Are encouraged to jilt
Greed and debauchery run at full tilt
Into bed with the lawless one under a quilt of lies and derangement in debt to the hilt
And the bonds of our death are paraded as guilt
And the filth is too deep for 10,000 mile stilts
And the Number One song is a funeral lilt
And the only law kept is “Do as thou wilt..”
Tell me truthfully Brother
Tell me truthfully Sister
Tell me truthfully everyone
Everyone everyone
Are you not bound?

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